Animal Sun



Formed in 2015 and lead by two brothers; vocalist/songwriter Steven Blake and drummer William Alton originally cut their teeth playing in small clubs up and down the east coast. The name Animal Sun was in dedication to their late friend and musical compadre James Sun, whose life was tragically cut short in 2011.

By late 2017, Animal Sun had begun appearing all over local radio and opening for noteworthy acts such as The Frights, (Epitaph) as well as minor touring throughout the region. After establishing a dedicated fanbase, the boys decided to move to Los Angeles, California where they would meet current keyboardist/percussionist Tyler DeCastro and bass player Adam Gardner. Together, they began production with Aaron “Zeus” Zepeda and Grammy award-winning engineer Robert Margouleff. Their lead single “Girl in Blue” was released on June 20th, 2019, and quickly made its way onto renowned alternative stations such as idobi radio and KROQ “Locals Only”, even snagging the #5 spot for multiple weeks in a row.

Picking up momentum quickly, the band released their debut EP “Beginnings” and a music video for “Girl in Blue” at the end of summer 2019. The immediate success allowed Animal Sun to begin playing to packed rooms all over, including most recently the legendary Troubadour. On April 26th the band released another single titled “Without You’ followed by ‘Still Believe’ featured in the award-winning, music magazine; American Songwriter. Debut record coming 2021.


FEATURED ON: The Chris Collins Show​, American Songwriter, The Music Connection, Unclear Magazine, VENTS Magazine, Forkster, The Pen’s Eye View, To Much Love Magazine, Surviving The Golden Age, Starshine Magazine, Official FAME Magazine, The Alternate Root, Alternative Addiction, Buzz Music LA, For The Love Of Bands​​

More than 400,000 streams on first single “Girl in Blue” and counting.

40,000+ monthly listeners on Spotify

Girl in Blue was added to over 5,000 independent playlists as well as

Spotify Algorithmic playlists such as Release Radar or Discover Weekly.





Pretty Weird Blonde


Pretty Weird Blonde is a singer/songwriter on a mission to inspire audiences to embrace their weirdo selves. Born in Boulder, Colorado, Pretty Weird Blonde grew up moving with her hippie family throughout several different states, ultimately settling in LA after graduating college with a dual business degree in management and finance. Having had John Denver as a god-father figure in her early childhood, she grew up with music as a key inspiration to her creative journey.

It wasn’t until moving to LA to pursue entertainment, however, that Pretty Weird Blonde discovered her musical talents and began making a path for herself as a multi-hyphenate entertainer. Simultaneously an established screenwriter, television producer, and actress, Pretty Weird Blonde uses her versatile talents to create fully immersive entertainment in which audiences get up close and personal both auditorily and visually.

Her style ranges from indie-soul to dance-pop, reminding the status quo that artists don’t need to be defined by one single category of music. Whether it’s a savage break up song, or a self-love anthem, Pretty Weird Blonde sings viscerally from the heart and doesn’t hold back in sharing her deepest thoughts and emotions. Her music continues to gain momentous traction, as tens of thousands of fans are jumping on board with her raw, unfiltered and eerily relatable lyrics. She’s a SESAC musician who’s had several original song placements in movies and TV series – expressing that lyricism is one of her favorite aspects of the musical process.

With the release of her latest track, Love You in the Cosmos, Pretty Weird Blonde is passionate about creating an inter-dimensional experience for her listeners by making music that takes you on a journey outside of the 3D. Pretty Weird Blonde is making a name for herself as a wildly unpredictable artist and is determined to use music as a tool to transcend these uneasy times.


  • SESAC member

  • Original song, “Born to Kill,” placed as theme song in feature film, Speak Now

  • Original song, “Mr. Know it All,” placed as theme song in feature film, The Good Neighbor

  • Original song, “Faded Love,” placed as theme song in feature film, Mr. and Mrs. Retribution

  • Original song, “Misconception” placed as theme song in TV series, MS. Conception

  • Original song, “Swagga,” placed as theme song in TV series, MS. Conception

  • Original song, “Medicate Me,” placed as theme song in TV series, MediKate